2011 Update

Evidence suggests DOD research by private US Government contractors is being used to silence whistle blowers – this explains the widespread cooperation repeatedly demonstrated by law enforcement agencies.  HOME

If you come across information that may help prove it, please post it publicly, send us links and get copies to reliable news outlets.

When looking through large data bases, focus on years 2003 – 2008 – these search terms may be helpful:

electronic neuter / electronic neutering

Major General George B. Harrison, USAF (Ret.) Associate Director, Geogia Tech Research Institute

Col. John B. Alexander – Director of Non-lethal Programs at the Los Alamos National Laboratories

Charles M. Epstein, M.D. Professor of Neurology Director of Operative Monitoring Emory Hospital – Founder and Director, Laboratory for Magnetic Stimulation

Common Whistle blower Misconceptions:

Is Whistleblowing is Lucrative? People who report fraud against the U.S. Government are covered under the False Claims Act of 1986 which assesses fines, treble damages and awards payments to whistle blowers up to 30% of the total recovery which have reached billions of dollars.

False Claims actions can be VERY lucrative for both the whistle blower and the attorneys representing them which is why attorneys aggressively pursue these cases. These actions may be initiated by federal employees or by private citizens as qui tam litigation.

Corporate Whistle blowers – Whistle blowers who report fraud or criminal activity that does not involve the federal government currently have no special protection under federal law.  They are often targeted for retaliation and given the power of the corporations they face, most attorneys will not help them.

Whistleblower attorneys and whistleblower support groups like P.O.G.O., G.A.P. and the National Whistleblower Center only take False Claims Act cases involving fraud or mismanagement against the federal government. Note the words federal, national and government on their web sites. If your whistleblowing case does NOT fall within that narrow legal specialty, or does not involve an I.R.S. reward, they will NOT help you.

Corporate whistle blowers whose cases are not covered by these laws have NO legal protection.

Washington, DC – I spent several months trying to get legal help in Washington DC.  I pulled a copy of the Guantanamo Bay Bar List of attorneys representing  detainees hoping that they might have special sympathy for my case.  Only a few of the three dozen Washington DC attorneys I approached responded to let me know they declined to help me.

HBGary / Hunton Williams – Law firms obviously want to cultivate lucrative corporate clients. The HBGary / Hunton Williams disclosures made by Anonymous in February 2011 show how far law firms are willing to go to silence corporate critics and whistle blowers for their clients.  Ironically, Hunton Williams was one of the firms I had approached.

False Claims Actions – The organizations, law firms and attorneys representing whistleblowers in in Washington, DC focus all exclusively on federal government False Claims actions. This may not be immediately obvious to a corporate whistleblowers looking for help and they certainly won’t tell you. At least one prominent whistle blower support group expressed surprising hostility when I approached them for assistance and left me wondering if the information I shared with them would remain confidential.

Judicial Watch and SAIC – I spoke with a man who identified himself as Geoffrey Lyon at  Judicial Watch, a public interest group three blocks away from the Capitol. He told me it was silly to try to pursue my case because the government would just use a National Security Letter to shut it down.  He seemed upset when I told him that wouldn’t prevent me from speaking about it publicly. I was surprised to see that SAIC, a major national security contractor, had leased several floors above and below the Judicial Watch offices.

No Help And No Informed Referrals? – I still find it surprising that even liberal leaning groups like the National Lawyers Guild in New York City failed to respond to my requests for informed referrals.  I have money to pay for legal help and the brokerage statements to prove it. Whoever is behind this criminal retaliation has a long reach and deep pockets.  Are these nonprofit groups responding to the demands of prominent donors? SunTrust doesn’t have offices in New York.

I’ll add to this addenda when new items of interest arise.

The criminal actions being aimed at me can easily be directed at other innocent activists, dissidents and whistle blowers. Let’s stop it while we still can!

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